Apple’s Terrible Decision to Eliminate the 3.5mm Audio Jack

iphone7While everybody focuses on whether or not the user’s listening experience will be effected positively or negatively by the decision, there are many other devices and markets that are effected as well.  The 3.5mm audio jack isn’t used for just audio.  Many people use third party products that interact with mobile apps via the audio jack; such as credit card readers, 3D scanners, external microphones, infrared sensors, IR blasters, various medical devices, scientific instruments, temperature probes, remote controllers for slideshow presentations, receivers for electric musical instruments, universal docs, spot lights for video recording, even CB radio attachments and much, much more.  Sure, many of these devices are designed for very specific use cases by a small group of users; but those users are surely not going to want to use their devices with an adapter, which is just another item to carry around and pay for replacements when they eventually get lost. Continue reading “Apple’s Terrible Decision to Eliminate the 3.5mm Audio Jack”