My Driver Profile


4.91 Stars

Driving Experience:
2 Years, 3 Months (as of May, 2018)


San Antonio, TX.

Ask About:
Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Shopping Areas, Bars, Museums/Galleries, Parks and Theme Parks.

About Me:
Happily married, proud father of three.

Fun Fact:
Independent Small Business Consultant

Favorite Story:
Previously taken riders to New Braunfels, San Marcus, Austin and even Houston.  I try my best to exceed my passengers’ expectations.

Other Experience:
Self-Employed as a Small Business Consultant offering Start-Up Assistance, Non-Profit Registration, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Income Tax Preparation, Information Technology (IT) services, Web Development and Social Media Management.

Why I Drive:
I love my city and enjoy bragging about it to visitors and serving the community.

Rider Compliments

Thank you for all the tips on where to go!

Thank you Paul.  Have a great Final 4 weekend!!!

Was super awesome and incredibly accommodating!  I hope I get him again.

Thank you Paul for a pleasant ride.

Thanks for picking me up at such a late hour, and for the quick and safe ride home.

Thank you for taking me home.  I appreciate you and the conversation!

Thanks Paul!

Great guy.

Very prompt and got us to the specified destination with no hassles at all!  Car was equipped with anything we needed.  Thank you for a pleasant experience!

Paul: Thanks for your incredible service!  You are a real Uber asset!  Keep up the great work!!  Hope to see you again on a return SA trip!

Was very personal and on point.

Nice lights and music.

His car is amazing!  He’s got cool LED lights, a charger for all phones!  Overall great service.

Excellent driver!

Very comfortable!


Thanks for the charger!

Thank you Paul.  Have a good night!


Great car.

Still talking about those chargers!  Thanks!

Excellent driver as well.  CLEAN. And smooth ride.

Thanks for taking my friends home from the airport.

Great ride!

Felt like royalty riding around!

Thank you for being so thoughtful with the phone charger and bag hooks!  Very clean car!

Great stories!

Great job!

Thank you for taking me to find the house.  Appreciate it.

Thanks for the Festival recommendation for mid to late April.

Thanks for getting up early and getting us to the airport on time.


Amazing dude.  Friendly and courteous.

You are THE MAN!

Thank you very much.  Extremely clean car.

Thanks for the phone charge accessory!

Awesome experience!  I was very impressed with the cleanliness of his car and amenities he offered.

Quick. TY.

Really good service, fast and clean.  He made the trip really friendly.

Best UBER driver ever.  Thank you.

Came back with my phone yesssss.

Courteous, friendly and intelligent.

Great experience.

Paul was great! Fast speedy service.


Awesome driver!

Very professional.

He was good at making conversation and a thoughtful driver.  Seems like a great guy.

Very nice.  Clean car and quick service.

Great service, helped with our bags and was very nice 🙂  Thanks Paul!

Awesome wholesome guy.  It is always fun to ride Uber and learn something too from the driver.

Thank you…this was our first time to use this service and were very impressed…thanks again.