Welcome to my little corner of the Web!  This blog hosts my personal opinions based on my own work experience, research and dedication to topics that interest me.  I previously published articles on Examiner.com under the monikers San Antonio Technology Examiner and San Antonio Finance Examiner, but that publishing platform was recently sold and closed down.  So, this is now my preferred platform for writing on just about any topic.

Over the years, I have gained a wealth of experience working in different industries in the San Antonio area.  My previous employment includes over twenty-two years in catering and hospitality, ten years in research and development, and approximately fifteen years as a tax preparer and bookkeeper.  In addition, my range of job titles spanned various management and administrative positions for the past seventeen years.  Currently, I own and operate Ayala’s Small Business Consulting (AsBC), providing various professional services to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the San Antonio area.  I also travel the city constantly as a Partner/Driver for Uber.

In addition to my work experience as it relates to technology and financial services, I also have strong opinions in many other areas.  I may publish posts on those topics here on my personal blog, but I also utilize Facebook and Twitter as outlets for anything I feel passionate about.  For a more in-depth understanding of me, I encourage you to follow this blog and subscribe to my social media profiles as well.

If you are looking for more information on contracting my professional services, visit my business site at asbc.paulayalasr.me.  You can also download my professional résumé by clicking here.



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